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"The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed. But not only his intelligence; the full totality of his psychic powers"    ©Maria Montessori

We wish to inspire and develop

Our approach is respectful of the youngest, their expressions, their questions and observation of their exploratory process. Working with children is about DISCOVERY and MUTUAL LEARNING from each other. It is not possible to set a sole, right pattern for early learning.

The potential for independent growth and development lies within the child. He or she has freedom of choice and is free to satisfy his or her curiosity. Children are involved in the preparation of the materials, which stimulates their interest, and what is more, the unlimited access to them, creates endless possibilities for further discoveries! Children’s art is everywhere; let the children experience with the involvement of all their senses. The surroundings belong to the children. The space has an educational “content”, it contains a message. It is loaded with triggers for mutual experiencing and learning. By organising the space in this way, children ‘explore the world’ and develop their creativity.


Non-violent communication and safety

Our actions are guided by the principles of non-violent communication, while at the same time ensuring the highest quality of education for our little ones. Together with parents, we aim to build a safe, respectful and empathetic space for harmonious, creative growth and development. The most important thing for us is the children and their well-being.


Cozy and harmonious

My Baby – is a place where instead of talking about extracurricular activities we like to speak about what is most important in a toddler’s life, his real needs:

  • The need for cuddles and closeness
  • Openness to being carried and cradled
  • Support for mothers in breastfeeding
  • Taking care of eating meals prepared in cooperation with a child nutritionist. Healthy and tasty cuisine – we foster healthy eating habits.
  • Caring for the child’s emotions e.g. a crying child is always a signal of an unsatisfied need
  • Respecting the boundaries set by the child
  • The need to accompany the child in different situations
  • Talking, smiling, warm atmosphere
  • Gentle communication
  • Patience and acceptance

We are for you

Our educational staff is a team of specialised teachers, practitioners of the M. Montessori method, trained musicians and artists. In each group one of the teachers communicates with children exclusively in English. Caring for the parents we try to be kind partners and guides for them. We encourage every family to feel welcome in our my Baby community.

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